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Income Diversification Inc. (dba The IDI Corporation) was founded in 1987 and incoporated on June 12, 1990.  For the past 30 years IDI has provided sports news and information services to sports enthusists for every major sport.


IDI is a "Sports news and informaiton service provider," as such we provide only sports news and information to customers interested in the sports enteratinment industry, to do as they please.  The information provided is based upon years of experience and knowledge in the sports entertainment field, as well as any other resources that may be used in the formulation of the sports executive handicapper's viewpoints, observations and personal opinions.  Careful consideration is given to all information that is disseminated to our clients.  Our company invests countless hours in time and payto do the researched requested by the client.

Please note, handicapping sporting events requires analyzing information from a variety of sources.  There are obviously a number of variables that cannot be accounted for ahead of time.  What we offer are personal opinions and ovservations.  There are NO guarantees as to the outcomes of sports event and we make none in our sales and marketing.


About Us

Brian LaTouche - President & Founder

Katherine LaTouche - Vice-President


Brenna Palkki - Client Relations Manager

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